"One of the best ghost tours EVER!  With Chicago Ghost Tours, you actually communicate with the "ghosts"  It's not like an average "tour" you are actually talking to, and getting answers from  the other side. 

I would come from California to Chicago JUST for Chicago Ghost Tours again and again. 

Brian and his crew know so much, it makes it one of the most amazing experiences I will ever ever have."

-Jeannine D. via Yelp!


"This was soo much fun! I wasn't expecting too much from this tour... But I was amazed! The guides are fantastic! And the place was waaayyyyy creepy! There is great communication from everyone involved from the very first email.... Through the tour, and beyond! Thanks guys!"

-A Google User via Google Reviews



"Just wanted to say thanks for the fantastic day! We (my sisters Tammy, Beth and I ) had an awesome time with you. You were so nice and really made the experience enlightening and positive. On the water boat and train ride home we told everyone about the tour and how much we enjoyed it. I found out that Waverly is booked up for tours through January but will resume in March. They will do an overnight tour so if you are interested let me know and Ill see about getting it booked. I think my sister Tammy would love to go. Anyway, I know they will let you know if they have the psychic party. Thanks again for the great day. I am hoping to go the next time my sisters plan a tour and will bring my daughtershe is really psyched to go!'




"I was part of the group that recently toured The Red Lion's Pub. First, I want to thank you for offering something like this. I had a great time, and never would have guessed I'd get so into it. But I'm writing because I'm hoping to get some more information. I'm definitely "a believer." I pretty much always have been, and have always sensed spirits around me. I guess I was just waiting for a chance/excuse to confirm my suspicions, and your tour really did that for me. Since I went on it, I've been slightly obsessed - I now have a million questions about some of the stuff you talked about, and pretty desperately want to go back. I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to sign up for another tour - as a foster care caseworker, I'm very overworked and underpaid - and I'm not sure when I'll have the time or cash to go again. Until then, could you point me in the right direction to find out more info? There's so many books, and websites, and all that out there, I don't really know where to start. It probably doesn't help that I'm interested in learning about everything - how to detect/contact spirits, their journeys, stories about "hauntings" and successful contact that was made... like I said, I have a million questions. Any suggestions about where I can go/what I can read to find out more info? I'd really appreciate it. And as much as I've been talking about this since I went a few weeks ago, my friends would appreciate it too, so I'll finally stop talking about it! (Although I did convince at least one of them to go with me when I do it again!) Thanks for your help, and good luck with your investigations!


I just started putting a myspace page together but once I get it up and running, I'm definitely including a link. The tour was awesome, and I know there are tons of people like me out there that would love to do it, but just need to know where to go. So I'm more than happy to try and drum up a little more interest/business for you guys. Again, thanks for offering this, and for showing me/our group such a good time. Have a great weekend!"




".... My nephew is still talking about our trip and especially the ghost tour. Expect to see one of us again in the future! Best wishes for a grand 2007! Glenda M Hey! This is Brian from the tour the other night. Thanks again for such a great night. We had a blast. We can't wait to do it again. I'll will attach some photos I have taken plus some of the photos from the other night. I'm not sure, but a lot of the pictures look like they have orbs in them."




"Just to let you know, I ordered some copper divination rods. I've taken pictures in my apartment and see an orb there. It feels peaceful, so I thought I'd try to see if I could communicate. I'll let you know what happens. I would like to stay in touch with you. I know Alison and Art would to. It was so great meeting you!"




"Congratulations. We had such fun on our ghost hunt! My nephew, Harrison, is still talking about it and I've recommended it to anyone who plans to be in Chicago. I should have sent the attached to you upon our return, but better late than never? Anyway, these photos were taken on our Ghost Tour in July. Again, congratulations!!"




"Just wanted to thank you again for everything you taught us during ghost hunting at Excalibur last weekend. Art and I had such a wonderful time - and it was even better meeting you. We just knew right away that you were a truly gifted individual with such a beautiful spirit. I am still hoping that we will be able to meet again. Let us know if you learn of any extra special opportunities. Arts mom was interested in the rods, and I was hoping you might be able to let me know where I can purchase a set. She is sure there is a spirit living in her home and wants to be able to communicate with him or her. She has had water turn on, lights turn on and off and most photos taken in her home have the most beautiful orbs. Blessings."


Alison & Art